Association of Electricity Distribution Undertakings in Namibia

Branch Officers 2022/24


The leadership of our Association is elected by the members every 2nd year at the Convention.  The branch officers are responsible for the programme of the Association, communications, funding and financial matters.  The Association is a common-law structure with a Constitution as its founding document in accordance with Namibian law.


Organising Committee

Teofilia Usurua (City of Windhoek)

Paulina Nambele (OPE)

Alta Smith (ErongoRed)

Annetjie Benz (ErongoRed)

Catherine Maggott (ErongoRed)

Chairperson-  Petrus Nehale (City of Windhoek)
Vice Chairperson - Jason Iyambo (NoRED)


Chairperson-  Petrus Nehale (City of Windhoek)

Vice Chairperson - Jason Iyambo (NoRED)


Jona Hambata (ErongoRED)

Izaias Ndapona (NamPower)

Leon Hanekom (OPE)

Theofilia Usurua (City of Windhoek)